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Latest news

New safe centre in Mannheim

Since July 2018, there is a new workplace for guest researchers available at the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) in Mannheim.

Especially for Researchers from the metropolitan area Rhine-Neckar, this simplifies the access to the extensive RDC data supply.

Initially, the safe centre will be open on tuesdays. Starting from october, it can additionally be used on thursdays. Appointments can me made with the colleagues from the location Stuttgart.

Information on the implementation of the amendment of the Federal Statistics Law (BStatG)

The BStatG allows the provision of formally anonymised data (individual data without name or address) at safe centres as long as effective precautions are taken to preserve confidentiality. Technical, organisational and legal actions have been taken to implement those legal regulations. They ensure that statistical confidentiality is preserved and deanonymisation of individual information on base of generated results is not possible.
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