Survey on user satisfaction

We want to constantly improve our range of data and services. To be able to take the scientists requirements into consideration, we conduct a survey on user satisfaction several times a year.

The results of the survey on user satisfaction are used to not miss the requirements of the scientific community when further developing the RDC supply. We therefore ask our users, among others, about their satisfaction with the RDC product range and service and if there are areas for improvement.


The survey on user satisfaction is an online survey. For every survey wave, we consult all users that have reached the end of their project duration since the last wave via e-mail. This e-mail includes a link that leads to the online survey. The participation in the survey is voluntary. The information of all participants is of course being kept confidential and processed anonymously.

Please seize the opportunity as a data user to participate in the survey on user satisfaction and tell us your opinion. That’s the only way for us to fulfil the requirements of the scientific community!

You do, of course, not have to wait until the end of your project to give us your feedback. We are also grateful for your questions and suggestions beyond the survey on user satisfaction. Therefore, do not hesitate to get in touch with our contact persons at the respective RDC location.


Between the years 2014 and 2017 about one quarter of the addressed users has participated in each survey. The majority of all participants was generally satisfied or very satisfied with our range of data and services. In detail, the friendliness and expertise of the RDC staff was appreciated.

However, the survey on user satisfaction has also shown areas that have still have room for improvement. Among others, the users wished for the following:


We have already addressed many of the critical points mentioned in the survey on user satisfaction. The processing of applications and the release of output for example have – with support of our users – been shortened and the computer performance has been improved at all locations. Concerning other critical points like the data anonymization and confidentiality of output, there are legal restrictions that are so close that we have hardly any room for an adaption of the procedures. However, we are even here looking for possibilities to improve the situation.

Thank you!

We want to use this occasion to thank everyone who has participated in the survey on user satisfaction during the last years. You have helped us to improve our offerings with your suggestions and your criticism.

To be able to also meet the requirements of the scientific community in the future and to do justice to new developments we kindly ask you to continue to participate in our survey on user satisfaction.

Contact person:
Dr. Hans Mühlenfeld
Telefon +49 211 9449-2872
Fax +49 211 9449-8087