Data use


The access to official statistics microdata has to be applied for. For this, you must use the application form provided by the RDC. The following information is necessary for the application for access: Request

Terms of use

The access to microdata via the Research Data Centres is regulated by law. The use has to be requested and is subject to certain conditions. Terms of use


The Research Data Centres provide different possibilities for the access to official microdata. They differ on-site- and off-site ways of access. Access

User charge

The use of official German microdata is charged. The amount that is charged depends on the number of statistics used, the number of survey years, and the number of ways of data access. User charge

Understand RDC


As a rule, microdata of official statistics are subject to strict confidentiality. However, special provisions of the Federal Statistics Law (BStatG) allow microdata to be passed on for the purpose of statistical analysis if certain requirements are met. Anonymity


Under the terms of the Federal Statistics Act, the RDC are obliged to ensure statistical confidentiality when offering access to microdata. The safeguarding of confidentiality follows a given set of criteria. Confidentiality

Data corrections

A broad range of standardised quality assurance measures guarantees the high quality of the RDC data supply. Should a revision of a data material be necessary nonetheless, data users are informed according to a standardised procedure. Data corrections


We want to constantly improve our range of data and services. To be able to take the scientists requirements into consideration, we conduct a survey on user satisfaction several times a year. Satisfaction

About RDC

Two RDC – one objective: The Research Data Centres of official statistics consist of two RDC that are organisationally separated: the Research Data Centre of the Federal Statistical Office and the Research Data Centre of the Statistical Offices of the Federal States. About RDC