Wiesbaden (Bund)


Location Wiesbaden (Bund)

Research Data Centre of the Federal Statistical Office

Postal address

Research Data Centre of the Federal Statistical Office
- Location Wiesbaden (Bund) -
c/o Statistisches Bundesamt
- Forschungsdatenzentrum -
Gustav-Stresemann-Ring 11

65189 Wiesbaden

+49 611 75-2420
+49 611 75-3915


Frau N. N.

+49 611 75-3277

Herr Christoph Müller

+49 611 75-4716

Frau Ulrike Türk-Schröter

+49 611 75-4714

Herr Maurice Brandt

+49 611 75-4349

Frau Janina Loske

+49 611 75-4786

Frau Melanie Scheller

+49 611 75-4351

Range of services

  • Availability of the whole range of data of the Research Data Centres
  • Provision of Scientific Use Files und Public Use Files
  • Conduction of remote execution
  • Workplaces for guest researchers (safe centre) with the following statistical programs:
    • SAS
    • Stata
    • SPSS upon consultation
    • R upon consultation (only remote execution)
  • special focus of work (selection):
    • Sample survey of income and expenditure (EVS)
    • Diagnosis-Related Groups Statistic (DRG-Statistic)
    • Tax statistics:
      • Business statistic of the wage and income tax statistic
      • Federal statistic of the wage and income tax statistic
      • Taxpayer-Panel
      • Value added tax panel
      • Integrated database of the commercial, corporate, and sales tax statistics (advances), statistic of the business partnerships and associations (PEGE) and sales tax statistics (assessments) (GKUPV)
    • Time use survey

Where to find us

Statistisches Bundesamt - Wiesbaden

Gustav-Stresemann-Ring 11
65189 Wiesbaden

Directions by car and public transport

Safe centres can be used by arrangement.

Further locations of the RDC of the Federal Statistcal Office