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PEPP Statistic

The PEPP statistic was first conducted in 2018. In addition to the DRG Statistic it includes all treatments in psychiatric and psychosomatic hospitals according to § 17d (1) of the Act on the Economic Security of Hospitals and the Regulation of Hospital Nursing Rates (Krankenhausfinanzierungsgesetz - KHG). It considers all specialised hospitals as well as autonomous, specialist-led departments of somatic hospitals for the specialist departments psychiatry and psychosomatics, children- and youth psychiatry and psychotherapy as well as psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy. Starting 01 January 2018, all hospitals are obligated to apply the new PEPP system. The PEPP statistic complements and extends the informational range of the customary official hospital data with nuanced results on the stationary care in psychiatric and psychosomatic hospitals.

The PEPP statistic is a secondary statistic. The data is not collected by the Statistical Offices of the Federation and the Federal States but by the Institute for the Remuneration System in Hospitals (InEK). The data of the PEPP statistic is taken from the datasets that the hospitals are sending to InEK for accounting purposes. The InEK then transmits a legally exactly defined variable selection of this extensive structure and performance data to the Federal Statistical Office.

Available microdata

The following survey years of this statistic can be used via the different ways of access:

PEPP Statistic (EVAS 23141)

Reporting year Available forms of access
Off-site use On-site use
Public Use File (PUF) Scientific Use File (SUF) Safe Centre (GWAP), Remote Execution (KDFV)
2022 - - available
2021 - - available
2020 - - available
2019 - - available
2018 - - available

Legal basis

Act on the Economic Security of Hospitals and the Regulation of Hospital Nursing Rates (Krankenhausfinanzierungsgesetz - KHG) of 10 April 1991, § 28.)