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DOI: 10.21242/23141.2010.

Diagnosis-Related Groups Statistic 2010, Campus File (CF)

The Campus File of the Diagnosis-Related Group Statistics (DRG Statistics) 2010 is a sample of full inpatient treatment cases of the original DRG Statistics 2010 data material and has been designed specifically for teaching and practicing purposes. The cases were selected in a two-stage sample. First, a 50 % stratified random sample of all hospitals was drawn. Within these hospitals, a random sample of cases was selected with a selection probability of 20 %. The data has been anonymised by grouping and removal of individual variables. Further information on the methodology and the anonymisation can be found in the Concept of Anonymisation. The Campus File is available as ASCII-CSV. Setups for SAS, SPSS and Stata are available for download.


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