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European Union Statistics on Income and Living Conditions

The European Union Statistics on Income and Living Conditions (EU-SILC) was first conducted in Germany in 2005 under the name "Live in Europe". For this survey, around 14.000 private households and the persons aged 16 and older living in them are interrogated on a voluntary basis.The emphasis of this survey is on personal and household income, living conditions of the household, health of the respondents, questions on childcare, on employment, and on the assessment of ones finalcial situation. In addition, there are survey emphases that change anually. The EU statistics on income and living conditions is designed as a rotating panel, so it allows for cross section as well as longitudinal section analyses.

The survey years are only processed up to 2013. If you are interested in using more up-to-date data, please consider using the Eurostat data supply. Further information on the method can also be found on the Eurostat homepage.

Available microdata

The following survey years of this statistic can be used via the different ways of access:

Please note that only survey years with English metadata are listed below. Please check the German language page for all available data.

European Union Statistics on Income and Living Conditions (EVAS 63411 and 63421)

Reporting year Available forms of access
Off-site use On-site use
Public Use File (PUF) Scientific Use File (SUF) Safe Centre (GWAP), Remote Execution (KDFV)
2013 - - available
2012 - - available