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Data supply


Standard data supply | Official firm data | CAMPUS Files


Standard data supply

The Research Data Centres offer microdata from more than 100 official statistics for scientific purposes. These microdata can be provided promptly for the indicated forms of access.


Microdata from the following subject areas are available via the Research Data Centres:

For the following statistics metadata is available in English:

For a detailed list of the available statistics please see the German language web presence.



Official firm data

To improve the analytical potential of official data on enterprises and local units, the Research Data Centres have merged the results of several surveys – even across the boundaries of data producers – and made them available as longitudinal data sets. The following projects have been conducted:


Before AFiD, official German data on enterprises and local units were only available as cross-sectional data sets. With AFiD, these data can now also be used as a longitudinal data set which combines data from different sources.

For further questions on the AFiD data, please contact:

Contact person Phone E-mail
Ramona Voshage
Statistical Office
for Berlin-Brandenburg
+49 30 9021-3907



The KombiFiD project was funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and implemented from July 2007 to December 2012. In the course of the project, data from statistics of different data producers (Federal Statistical Office, Statistical Offices of the federal states, Federal Employment Agency at the Institute for Employment Research, Deutsche Bundesbank) was merged cross-institutionally for enterprises that had agreed to this in advance. The resultant microdata base was made available for scientific use via the Research Data Centres (RDC) of the project partners. Request for and use of the data was possible only until 31.12.2014. It is not available anymore because the agreement of the enterprises to the merging of the data was given under the condition that the data is deleted after that date.

For further questions on the project “Combined firm data for Germany (KombiFiD)” please see the KombiFiD homepage or contact:

Contact person Phone E-mail
Melanie Scheller
Federal Statistical Office
RDC of the Federal Statistical Office
+49 611 75-4351

For more detailed information on official German firm data please see the German language web presence.




CAMPUS Files contain absolutely anonymised microdata and were developed especially for teaching purposes. They offer the possibility for students to acquire methodological knowledge while analysing social and economic questions. CAMPUS Files can be downloaded for free or be ordered on CD or DVD for a small fee.

As CAMPUS Files were developed specifically for teaching, they are not suited for more detailed analyses because of the strong reduction of information. Students who want to use official German microdata for a term paper or thesis can also use the safe centres or remote execution.

The following CAMPUS File is available in English:

For a detailed list of the available CAMPUS Files please see the German language web presence.